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The Minuteman
The Minuteman
Image size 28" x 21" (71.12 x 53.34 cm)
A limited edition of 280 numbered impressions; 56AP, 8PP, signed by the artist.

The serigraph commemorates the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Against the backdrop of an American flag, the Minuteman stands in his fields, ready to heed the call to defend his homeland.

Neiman feels that we can often better understand modern events by looking to the past. In the Minuteman, an icon of the American Revolution, he finds an enduring symbol of American independence, strength and courage. Our nation has fought many times to preserve its liberties. The spirit of the Minuteman helped us prevail in the past and will help us now. Neiman in particular compares the Minuteman to the firemen, policemen and other civil servants who responded so bravely on 9/11. “The Minuteman has that readiness that we admire so much in the people we depend on. Like him, they are ready to measure up to any emergency and give their all for the people and their country.”

With gratitude to all those who responded on September 11, LeRoy Neiman presents “The Minuteman.”

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Price: $3,780.00

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