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Image published as a plate-signed serigraph, image size 21" x 26 1/4" Paris and LeRoy Neiman have always shared a special relationship. In the early 1960s he labored in a studio not far from the Seine, and was rewarded with a gold medal for oil painting at the Salon d'Art Moderne. During his most recent visit, to enjoy the high powered opening of his show, the artist accepted an invitation to the famous Arc de Triomphe race at Longchamp and to a party hosted by Ali Khan, and still managed to find the time to stroll and sketch in his favorite quarters of the city. "Fouquet's" is the result of years of work. The original painting which inspired the serigraph was executed over many months, requiring painstaking preparation and exhaustive revisions before it was exhibited in 1992 at the Salon d'Automne. The artist demanded similar perfection from the serigraph. It, too, was attentively and sensitively reworked until it met with his complete approval. The resulting print is remarkable. It sparkles with the light of Paris and the special energy of the Champs-Elysees. the artist has placed us right in the heart of a Parisian street scene-- bubbling with life and still graced with a certain continental elegance. Alert viewers familiar with the artist's work will recognize a recurring personage in Neiman's serigraphs: the white-bearded "old boulevardier;" he looks right at home.
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