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Image size 38″ x 25 1/2″ (96.52 x 64.77 cm)
A limited edition of 250 numbered impressions; 50AP, 5PP, signed by the artist
Image also published as a plate-signed serigraph, image size 27 1/2″ x 18 1/4″ Baccarat, long one of the most popular card games in European and Latin American gaming houses and sporting clubs, is fast becoming a favorite in U.S. casinos as well. In his serigraph “Baccarat,” LeRoy Neiman captures the action at an American table. The players represent a typically democratic cross-section of well-heeled gamblers: anyone who can afford to make the necessary bets is welcome. Each of the colorful figures depicted by Neiman is concentrating, intent on completing his or her wager before the next deal. The artist has included himself in the scene (as a croupier), helping a bejeweled bettor place her chip. The casino’s decor is bold, almost fabulous– a singularly American conceit. No understated, old-world elegance mutes the mood here. And Neiman’s confident hand brings us close enough to appreciate the magical glitter of the chandeliers and the vibrant, exotic colors of the room’s appointments– all calculated to heighten the excitement of the evening’s betting. “Baccarat” seems to pulse with the tension and energy felt by every gambler at the table. In the U.S., as in the casinos Neiman frequents in Europe and elsewhere, baccarat seems to appeal to a special breed of high-stakes gambler. If he gets lucky, a player can win very big; a substantial “bank” is at risk, and the odds against the bettor are some of the very best of any casino banking game. The big payoffs attract high-rollers. The drama and style they bring to the play, in turn, draw LeRoy Neiman to the scene.

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