Bethesda Fountain – Central Park


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Image size 30 1/2″ x 38″ (77.47 x 96.52 cm)
A limited edition of 500 numbered impressions; 80AP, 15PP, signed by the artist
Image also published as a poster, poster size 29 7/8″ x 21 7/8″ This poster has text on it under the image. Bethesda Fountain, near 72nd Street in New York City, is the focal point of Central Park. Bethesda Fountain is a favorite meeting place for local New Yorkers and out-of-town visitors, and also attracts fashion photographers and filmmakers who find its vitality and elegant landscape a perfect background for location shoots. With sketchbook in hand, LeRoy Neiman took daily walks in Central Park to observe the fountain. He made preliminary sketches from atop the grand stairs leaning down to the statue as well as from a rowboat on the park’s lake, lending a unique and complete perspective to the work. The serigraph captures the soothing and majestic essence of Emma Stebbins; statue, the Angel of the Waters. Erected in 1873, it depicts the Biblical angel who descended to the Bethesda pool in Jerusalem, blessing it with healing powers. The refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere of the fountain and its waters that rise and fall are reinforced by gently shimmering shades of blue, yellow and pink. Neiman contrasts the cool lush greens of the sweeping grounds with the towering skyscraper apartments in the distance. The spaciousness of the park offers its visitors a welcome respite from the surrounding bustling metropolis. LeRoy Neiman’s choice to paint this subject was only natural for an artist who maintains his home and studio on the western edge of Central Park. Because of the artist’s proximity, ” Bethesda Fountain- Central Park” is filled with detailed observations of daily life in the park: the curious dalmation, the bearded jogger, the mother who strolls with her two daughters and her baby asleep in a carriage. Neiman’s dedication to preserving the park’s historic sites make this piece a special image that complements his tradition of scenic and cultural works.

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