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Image size 29″ x 38 1/2″ (73.66 x 97.79 cm)
A limited edition of 450 numbered impressions; 80AP, 6PP, signed by the artist Over the years, Mr. Neiman’s intimate instinct for high drama, excitement and risk, has led to original renditions of stock markets and exchanges all over the world. His earlier works– the Wall Street Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Bourse in Paris, the American Stock Exchange in New York, the Stock Exchange in London and Sao Paulo Stock Exchange in Brazil– are symbolic impressions of a global economy. Mr. Neiman’s expertise in painting renowned financial investment centers attracted the attention of a successful trader and investor from the CBOE who commissioned the painting which inspired this serigraph. The energy-charged environment of the CBOE parallels that of the boxing matches, casinos and horse races the artist so fervently portrays. All these scenes involve a high level of risk and challenge where the tensions of every second soar like Russian roulette. The serigraph pulsates with the nervous energy of traders, clerks, and runners as they make final adjustments to their fast-paced financial decisions. Bits of paper strewn over the floor of the huge trading pit show daily signs of active trading. The viewer senses the total concentration of the men and (noticeably more) women who communicate by both hand signal and public outcry. They focus on the electronic screens that display available stock options, equities, indexes and interest rates. These monitors have revolutionized this twntieth century ampitheater; the players gyrate to the money game in this technological theater-in-the-round. Mr. Neiman’s palette undulates with the electricity of lightning decisions, a heartbeat away form financial success or ruin. The artist’s vibrant canvas, a shimmering coalescence of blues, reds and greens, powerfully transmit the active world within the Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

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