Portrait of the Lion


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Image size 25 1/2″ x 21″ (64.77 x 53.34 cm)
A limited edition of 425 numbered impressions; 85AP, 8PP, signed by the artist.
Image also published as poster, poster size 26” x 20”
Knoedler Publishing is proud to announce its April, 2002 release, the latest limited edition serigraph by LeRoy Neiman, Portrait of the Lion.

This spectacular new serigraph is a companion piece to the artist’s enormously popular prints, Portrait of the Leopard and Portrait of the Tiger. Neiman’s noble feline is splendidly maned in a cornucopia of colors, highlighted by a soft, snowy snout. The artist masterfully invests his regal cat with character. Staring straight at the viewer, we truly see the face of the King of Beasts – wise, powerful and comfortably dominant.

Says Neiman, “When I was a boy I would go to the zoo and go right up to the cage and stare the lion straight in the eye. I guess I thought I was pretty brave. When you’re in Africa out on the plains observing a lion from your Humvee, that is quite another experience. The lion’s expression is completely different. He has a look of contentment and command. He’s in his natural environment, completely at ease, not concerned with you or anything else. You’re a visitor, locked inside a car. You are the curiosity. It’s the difference between captivity and freedom.”

Crowning a trilogy of great cats with the most noble of all, Neiman’s Portrait of the Lion will quickly take place of pride in countless collections of the master’s works.

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