President Nelson Mandela


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Image size 40″ x 24″ (101.60 x 60.96 cm)
A limited edition of 145 numbered impressions; 28AP, 3PP, signed by the artist Human rights activist, jailed dissident, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, President of South Africa- Nelson Mandela is one of the great personalities of this century. Selflessly devoted to democracy, equality and education, his life is an inspiration to all who are opposed to oppression and deprivation. Among his many other good works, in 1995 Mandela initiated the establishment of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, pledging over one-third of his annual salary for five years. The goal of the fund is to assist young people who are homeless, disabled, without adequate education, or young offenders in prison or other places of safety. In December, 1997, a benefit tennis tournament was held in Johannesburg to honor Mandela and raise funds for the Children’s Fund. Many of the world’s top players gathered, together with thousands of political dignitaries, philanthropists and celebrities. As one of the world’s leading artists, LeRoy Neiman was invited to make his contribution to the benefit in the form of an official portrait of Mandela. True to his world class stature, Neiman created something truly unique, painting not on canvas, but directly on a South African flag. The artist personally presented his flag painting to President Mandela. The work was immediately hailed as a stirring and poignant masterpiece. The original was donated to the Children’s Fund, and the tennis players were each given a limited edition print.

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