The Prints of LeRoy Neiman 1990 – 2000

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82 Plates in Full Color
5 Black and White Illustrations
27 Photographs
Published by Knoedler Publishing 2000

The Prints of LeRoy Neiman 1991 – 2000 reproduces in true and brilliant color the prints from all of the limited edition serigraphs that Neiman has created from 1991 – 2000. Published by Knoedler Publishing, Neiman’s exclusive publisher for more than 25 years, this 212 page volume contains lavish reproductions of the 82 serigraphs and 5 etchings that Neiman has created since publication of the previous volume, The Prints of LeRoy Neiman, 1980 – 1990. Also featured are photographs of the artist in the company of many of the well-known subjects of his paintings. An essay, Neimanland, by art critic and historian Jan Avgikos examines LeRoy Neiman’s remarkable career as a painter and artist of the people. Especially valuable to art dealers, historians and collectors is the Comprehensive Index of Graphics. This two-part index compiles all of the artist’s work from all three of his catalogues raisonné. In the first part, the titles of the works are listed alphabetically. The second part presents smaller, full-color reproductions of every image which appeared in Volumes I and II. For the first time, every image created by LeRoy Neiman over more than 30 years will be available in a single resource, with the definitive record of titles, media, date, image size and edition size.