FDNY Shirt

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Artwork shown in scale for illustrative purposes only.

About this Piece

About this Piece

Voraciously curious, LeRoy indulged in any medium he found interesting. Occasionally this meant creating limited edition commemorative apparel, and at other times casting impressive animals in bronze. The distinct nature of these pieces embodies the moment they represent and makes them a significant addition to any collection.

After returning from abroad in 1963, LeRoy settled into a New York City studio, which would remain his home base and workplace for the next 50 years. He felt energized by the city, citing landmarks such as the Metropolitan Opera, Central Park, the NY Philharmonic, and the New York City Ballet as muses. Neiman always had a pad of paper in hand, sketching from the back of taxi cabs and people he met on the street.

LeRoy Neiman Cab Driver sketch