Birds of Paradise


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Image size 25″ x 29″
A limited edition of 375 numbered impressions, 75 A.P.,8 P.P., signed by the artist.
Dazzling against a backdrop of lush wild foliage LeRoy Neiman offers us a jungle of breathtaking beauty in his Birds of Paradise. Quintessentially Neiman, the picture pulsates with vibrant, primal color. A kaleidoscope of emerald greens, brilliant crimsons, azure blues, tropical orange and saffron yellows. A natural paradise.

Highly valued in Asia for 5000 years, Birds of Paradise became known in the western world in 1520 when their exquisite feathers were presented to the Portuguese Sea Captain Magellan, as a gift for the King of Spain. The spectacular beauty of the plumes for ornamentation caused quite a stir in Europe and throughout the world. It wasn’t until 1908, thanks to various groups in England as well as the Audubon Society in the USA, that hunting of Birds of Paradise plumes for export was banned and the birds are no longer endangered.

Sketched during one of the artist’s visits to Brazil where he was “charmed by Macaws, Toucans and other exotic birds seemingly conversant only in Portuguese singing and chatting freely with one another”. A master of luminous color and brevity of line, LeRoy Neiman exquisitely translates the regal grandeur of these magnificent creatures.

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