• Year

  • Medium

    Limited Edition Royal Doulton Glazed Porcelain Plate
  • Features

    • Limited Edition ?
  • Dimensions

    10.5" by 10.5" by .5"
    (26.67 cm by 26.67 cm by 1.27 cm)

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About this Piece

About this Piece

Voraciously curious, LeRoy indulged in any medium he found interesting. Occasionally this meant creating limited edition commemorative apparel, and at other times casting impressive animals in bronze. The distinct nature of these pieces embodies the moment they represent and makes them a significant addition to any collection.

Widely known for his exuberance and celebratory mindset, Neiman was unmatched in his ability to portray cultural events and festivals. The artist painted Broadway show sets, illustrated album covers, and created posters for events like the Newport Jazz Festival. These works convey movement, music, and the sheer excitement of partaking in a momentous occasion.

LeRoy Neiman Trumpet Player sketch