Bistro Garden




Image size 23 3/4″ x 36″ (60.33 x 91.44 cm)
A limited edition of 375 numbered impressions; 100AP, 18PP, 275HC, signed by the artist
Image also published as a plate-signed serigraph, image size 22″ x 31″ For his latest serigraph, LeRoy Neiman has chosen a bright, colorful restaurant scene. The artist often stops in at the Bistro Garden to enjoy the food and ambiance when he is visiting Beverley Hills. A brilliant profusion of colors dominates the serigraph’s foreground: Neiman uses a dazzling bouquet of fresh flowers as a thematic and literal centerpiece. Small flower vases are visible on each intimate dining table and flowers appear in several of the clients’ stylish hats also, repeating the floral motif. Patrons enjoy their meals under the leaves of festive umbrellas decorated in cheerful primary colors. LeRoy Neiman has captured the Bistro Garden’s elegant atmosphere. Both the clientele and cuisine is continental. The chef is German, and the waiters and captains are European as well. The warmth and color of the setting contrasts quietly with the restraint and grace of the staff and patrons. Although the restaurant would never think to divulge the names of its clients, nor does it advertise, prominent figures from the movie, financial, and legal industries find their way here. Stars from Hollywood and international jet-setters lend a special glamor to Bistro Garden. In the center of the image, Neiman has included the Rainiers of Monaco, whom he has often seen at the Garden. The white-haired prince is simply attired, but his royal bearing is apparent. He is flanked by his children Albert and Stephanie. Bistro Garden recalls the style and flair of other LeRoy Neiman cafe and bar scenes. Neiman has created highly successful serigraphs honoring Cafe Deux Magots and Cafe de la Paix in Paris, P.J. Clarke’s and Harry’s Wall Street Bar in New York, and Buena Vista Bar in San Francisco. Few can match Neiman’s sure sense of just which elements are needed to communicate the special feeling of a vibrant garden restaurant like Bistro Garden. The featured serigraph seems sure to join its illustrious predecessors as one of the artist’s most popular.

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